LITEX TRANSPORT has a service for car repairs and diagnostics.

A closed cycle of customer service has been organized with diagnostics, distribution of auto parts, installation in the specialized service and providing a guarantee for the performed activity. The car service of LITEX TRANSPORT offers auto parts, different types and sizes of tires for sale, suitable for both cars and vehicles.


Main activities of the service

  • Major and partial repairs
  • Engine and chassis repair
  • Replacement of pads, brakes, cylinders, cores, etc.
  • Replacement of gaskets, valves, water pumps, etc.
  • Repair of the steering control and its components
  • Replacement of damaged or worn engine parts
  • Engine maintenance - replacement of all types of car consumables: filters (air, oil, fuel, etc.), motor oils, belts, rollers.
  • Assembly, disassembly and balancing of tires for cars and trucks